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Thursday 23 January 2014

Sid Bonkers reclaims his head court jesters position !

"Ian as you appear to be using this forum for your own means campaigning to get DUK to do what you personally believe to be the best way to control diabetes I think it should be pointed out that you do not speak for all the members of this forum just those who like you continually promote a low carb lifestyle to everyone.

Not everyone needs, wants or has to adopt a low carb lifestyle so who do you think you are to use this forum as a voice to change DUK policy.


thank you"

Sid today on the forum of flog.

After highlighting the up and coming doulglas99 the new king of mirth and lunacy, Sid appears to be fighting back as the undisputed forum chief clown. "YOU DO NOT SPEAK FOR ME" he bellowed today. Right now I am thinking who could speak for Sid. If you don't know Sid, imagine a Tourettes sufferer on street meds and you get the picture. For years he has bludgeoned his way around the forum kicking low carb at every opportunity. This I find ironic because he has said in the past he is a low carber. The reality is Sid is a one off, who inadvertently has done more for the low carb cause than anyone. Not only that, I have lost count of the laughs he has given me over the years, keep up the good work Sid, have you considered stand up comedy ?



Anonymous said...

Stand up comedy Sid can barely stand up thats why he can survive on a bowl of cornflakes and a splash of low fat milk.


Anonymous said...

Maybe when Sid stops hyper-ventilating and the steam coming from his ears abates he might notice the thread is in the low carb diet forum.

Ian and Sam are only promoting the interests of low carbers, Sid doesn't do low carb so they are not speaking for him nor any other members who don't low carb, but of course Sid is to thick to realise this.

This is just another ploy from Sid in an attempt to get another thread locked!!!


Anonymous said...

Who do you think was responsible for getting the first one locked?

Anonymous said...

"Who do you think was responsible for getting the first one locked?"

That would be Sid's protege douglas99, both are complete fruitcakes.