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Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Beef, slowly cooked with onions, carrots and cabbage

                                                 Slow Cooked Beef Casserole

For a lovely heart warming meal you just can't beat a nice slow cooked beef casserole. This one has onion and carrot added with some salt, pepper, mixed herbs and beef stock. Simply served with white cabbage. A truly tasty low carb meal. For dessert why not have some blueberries and thick double cream? Now that's what I call a satisfying low carb meal, and not a potato in sight!

Ingredients: Serves two
250/300 grams braising steak cut into small cubed pieces
 1 large red onion chopped
  1 large sliced carrot
1 teaspoon of dried mixed herbs
salt and pepper to taste
Just under 1 pint of gravy stock

Easy Method
Clean, cut and place all ingredients in a casserole dish or earthenware oven proof pot with lid. Pour over the stock and cook at 180c in an electric oven, or Mark 4 Gas Oven for 90 to 120 minutes. Obviously ovens do differ so check food is cooked thoroughly before serving.

Once you've enjoyed your casserole just serve up the blueberries and cream.

All the best Jan


Anonymous said...

Either Eddie sits on his backside all day or he is on rations. I can see why he lost weight. Nothing to do with carbs, more like calorie reduction.

Lowcarb team member said...

"Nothing to do with carbs, more like calorie reduction."

You can tell from that photograph what I eat for breakfast can you, and how about lunch or high calorie snacks such as nuts etc.

Talking of nuts, what time do you have to back at asylum. You really are a numbskull aren't you.

Most of you antis haven't got the brains of a grasshopper.


Lowcarb team member said...

Hello anon and all readers.

Eddie and I both live the LCHF lifestyle. We have been doing this for over five years. We eat a balanced menu plan which includes foods which are low carb, high fat, moderate protein. With exercise and good sleep patterns in the 'mix' enables us to get the balance that works for us. We tell and share our story, what works for us BUT it is YOU the reader who has to use the information to suit your lifestyle.

By sharing news, views, ideas - we can then use them to make our choices.

All the best Jan

Debbie said...

this is a good idea, but i always feel like i need potatoes, with a dish like this!!!

Lowcarb team member said...

Hi Debbie, thanks for your comment. I think many may enjoy a potato (or two) with this meal. Eddie and I enjoy eating it as per the photo ... however, we may perhaps have some mashed swede with it that goes nicely too.

It's always a personal choice to use / amend the recipe to suit. I just love sharing ideas with people.

All the best Jan